Oh, hi there!

I'm Steve and (rather obviously) this is my blog.

Starting in 2013, I was late to blogging but it's great to have the freedom to write about whatever I like; this has probably been a big factor in me posting fairly regularly.

Elsewhere, you can also find me occasionally writing for my current employer's blog where I'm working as a data scientist. I've also made guest posts for DJ TechTools (one of the biggest sites and communities for digital DJs).

Additionally, I've also written several specialised technical papers and reviews relating to my previous work as a research scientist. (This was before finding an excuse to do more work with computers.)

Anyway, since you clicked on this link, I'm guessing you might want to know how to get in touch.

An easy way is via Twitter. If you've got something more substantial than will fit into 140 character posts, you can email using the address below:

blog(replace these parentheses and everything inside with an at sign here)stevenmaude.co.uk