Hello! I'm Steve and, rather obviously, this is my blog.

Professionally, I spent my early career studying science and working in scientific research. I trained as a chemist, generalised to study nanoscale science, and continued to hedge my bets by completing a PhD studying the physical chemistry of bio-inspired materials.

Later, spotting the increasing number of exciting opportunities to work in software solving data problems, I switched careers to computing. That turned out to be a good decision!

I've worked for The Sensible Code Company for several years and, for the last few, entirely remotely. As of 2021, I'm still helping at Sensible Code part-time. The other part of my working week is spent as a software developer at The Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science at the University of Oxford. This was an unexpected move. But I'm happy to have gone full circle back to university to help others use data in their health research.

This blog contains a lot of what I've published publicly, but I've also got work elsewhere too. Here's a list of where you can find more of my work and writing.

Open source contributions

See my GitHub profile. I have a few of my own projects and have contributed to other open source projects.

Technology blogs

The Sensible Code Company blog

This post is one I wrote on why the company's using Go to develop their current main product, Cantabular. Cantabular is a statistical publication tool with privacy features; the UK's Office for National Statistics is intending to use it for publishing Census 2021 data.

ScraperWiki blog

The Sensible Code Company used to be ScraperWiki before they rebranded in 2016. I wrote several posts for ScraperWiki's blog.

DJ TechTools

At DJ TechTools, a major site and community for DJs, I wrote a number of posts as a freelance contributor.

Technology articles

I was a co-author of the following:

Scientific work

PhD thesis

"Design and characterisation of functionalised self-assembled peptide nanostructures"

Scientific articles

I've been a co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific articles; for several of these, I was first author.


I've given talks on scientific research, career changes and technology.

List to be added!

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