A year ago, I started writing this blog. I didn't really have any expectations of what I wanted to get out of it, but I think it's been successful despite my lack of lofty ambitions.

Back then, I hadn't written any blog back then. So it's a little strange that in the past year, I've had blog posts on another two other blogs aside from this one.

It's been quite a busy year too, so I've been sporadic in posting. Saying 52 posts in 52 weeks might sound well disciplined, but you can see that there have been weeks when I've not found time to write anything. (Which is a little lazy of me.) Other times I've been more inspired and written in bursts.

That said, the fact I've still returned to it even after several weeks away is certainly auspicious. What I think I've got out of it is that I'm much more conscientious about scribbling notes down for my own reference, which I seldom did before having a blog. This has proven to be a useful reference. If I can't quite remember how I did something, but know it's on here, I can find it quickly. If I do write up things on here, it's because it was a problem that I didn't see an obvious answer to and took more than a cursory internet search or investigation on my own part.

As well as that more practical side, it's been a good excuse to work on my writing (a muscle that I don't often flex at work).

What about the coming year then? In this next year, two resolutions that I'd like to keep are:

  1. to try and maintain at least some kind of regularity to posting (even if my posts are clustered together sometimes) and
  2. migrate this blog to Pelican or something similar.

For what it's worth, I started looking into the second. It's just a matter of ensuring I put the slight effort into seeing it through. Deciding what to do about comments, and actually going about exporting my existing content to Markdown or RestructuredText are the obstacles at the moment. Really though, it's a question of just doing it rather than procrastinating and getting distracted writing blog posts about how I'm going to do things.