I've been wanting to start writing more and I figured a blog would be a sensible outlet for that. The problem is that it's very easy — especially for me — to become distracted with the implementation, and then lose focus on the writing itself.

The reason for choosing Blogger is mainly that I can use it on my own domain for free (unlike paying for domain mapping with wordpress.com). Yes, I could run WordPress on my own server, but then I start paying server costs for something that I might give up on in a few months. It also gives me something else to maintain, particularly important in the light of recent incidents.

Also, if I start considering running my own server, then there are even more options. Maybe I should be using WordPress, but maybe I should be using a custom Django system instead?

Because of this, the conclusion I reached is that it's certainly worth looking into the alternatives in the future, but, in the short term, it's best to just start writing first.

What I think I'm trying to say is: please excuse the mess. I'll certainly make an effort to make this look better in the future, rather than just using a stock template.