…this one is great. Normally I'm just relieved I've got something finally working and file the problem under 'done'.

Anyway, I've had a Logitech MX Revolution mouse1 for several years and recently spotted that it wasn't charging. It has a series of battery LEDs on the mouse which should normally flash green when charging. It seems to be a common problem where this just flashes red.

The cause appears to be some kind of battery contact issue: just slamming the underside of the mouse down against something seems to be the advice that many users have taken to resolve it. In my case, it took a couple of tries to do this — and I'd recommend doing slamming it against something soft — but it worked.

  1. It's a fantastic mouse though unfortunately no longer manufactured, having been replaced by an inferior model. Why has the second wheel been replaced by buttons? Why do you have to press a button to toggle the scroll wheel from normal ratcheting scrolling to free wheel mode, rather than it elegantly autoswitching when you spin the wheel fast enough? Who knows.