I like to uninstall software that I don't really anticipate using on my PC in the near future. This is partly just to keep my PC free from clutter, but it also reduces the number of packages that I need to watch for security updates. Secunia's software helps a lot with this, and there's always Ninite and Chocolately too, but limiting the programs installed to those I actively use helps a lot.

So, when I'd finish using GoToMeeting's client for a one-off meeting, I was looking to uninstall it. However, there wasn't an entry in the list of installed programs in the Windows Control Panel, contrary to Citrix's FAQ: "If desired, an attendee may uninstall all GoToMeeting files using the Add/Remove Programs feature in the Windows control panel."

Fortunately, this issue has already been documented and the command to use is g2muninstall.exe /uninstall

My install was actually located in Program Files (x86), rather than a user folder. (I'd assumed it needed administrative privileges when running the installer, so that might be why it placed it there.) Because of this, I needed to execute this command as an admin, although running this with a standard user account, the uninstaller was still happy to cheerily tell me that "GoToMeeting has been uninstalled", even though it hadn't done a thing.